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Hey, I'm Waver! I'm a hobbyist artist who enjoys creating and designing characters. I'm currently working on my OC project "Kaleido". All of my OCs and their info can be found on the never-ending WIP that is my toyhouse.

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I mostly draw furry and OC stuff, but I also enjoy fan art and landscapes as well! My non-art hobbies include fighting games, PC building and reading/collecting manga. I'm not very talkative, but I am comfortable reading/answering asks through tumblr

// some of my interests //

Melty Blood / Tsukihime
Drifting Dragons
Bungo Stray Dogs
Tengoku Daimakyō
Monster hunter

// inspirations for my art //

kemono_cctatsuya endotakeru kirishimagodbirdartnoronori

I have A LOT of OC, but these are the ones you'll find me drawing the most. :)

I will warn: I may draw untagged gore and venty art. i can't account for everything that might be shown in my content, but know that I do not endorse behaviors that may display in my art or characters. I am a very sick person and may often use my art to heal. Thank you to those who support me, it really means a lot.

- Design TOS -

Hello! I am a very patient person when it comes to adopts, but I still ask for basic respect.
Please have a quick read below, and feel free to contact me with questions at any time

you can...

  • Use it for whatever you wish!

  • Resell/Trade/Gift designs

  • Lightly edit colors/design (Saving a copy of the original is encouraged)

  • Move my watermark

  • Sell/Trade the design off Toyhou.se

  • Take light color/pattern inspirations

please don't...

  • Use a design for commercial use without inquiring with me first

  • Remove my watermark

  • Completely alter my art/designs

  • Make "species" out of my designs

Besides this, what you do with an adopt created by me is none of my concern.
Respectfully I want nothing to do with disputes, so please take care when trading/reselling.